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Feedback on Personal Statement/Personal Insight Questions

Feedback on Personal Statement/Personal Insight Questions

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Need another set of eyes for your college admissions personal statements? Come to TestMagic for some honest feedback on your personal statements. We have been educators since 1998 and have sent young leaders to great schools every year.

Our Personal Statement Reading Service is designed for students who have already written a draft or two and would like some one-to-one help on how to make their drafts better.

Note: Students who have difficulty starting their essays are encouraged to check out our blog posts about college applications for inspiring tips and examples or sign up for our College Admissions Consulting Service for more guided assistance.

How it works:

  1. Add this product to your cart and check out.
  2. Choose your essays; you can print them out, share them with us via Google Docs, or email them to us at If you have another preferred method, no problem.
  3. Scope: TestMagic will spend 45 minutes with you. During this time, we can cover up to about 1500 words of writing, so generally this includes all the UC Personal Insight Questions, a Common App essay + several shorter ones, a Coalition Application essay + more shorter ones. For your benefit, please limit your essays to one college--it is important to see all the essays together for one application.
  4. Meeting: If you visit us in person, we will work through a checklist to give you when you're finished. If you're not visiting us in person, we can meet via video or telephone. We can also record a video to give you spoken feedback. Request a meeting here. We will be notified and will confirm the appointment.
  5. More information: We will contact you with more information: to ask about the school/s you're applying to, how many essays you're bringing, etc. Your appointment will also be set up at this time.
  6. If you'd like additional help with your personal statements after your appointment, consider signing up for our College Admissions Consulting Service.

Some guidelines:

  • Limit one per person, please! Current students and people who are not TestMagic students are welcome. College applicants only, please; no professionals, teachers, writers, etc. permitted.
  • 1 application set maximum, please. (For example, 4 UC responses or 1 Common App + 1 set of supplemental questions.) We want to ensure that each essay receives adequate review and feedback in the 45-minute timeframe. If your set of essays is particularly long, we may need to decide how to best spend the 45 minutes on your essays.
  • Please have a reasonable draft ready before you meet one of our English teachers.
  • We will provide honest feedback on overall quality, uniqueness, aptness to the prompt, grammatical accuracy, and more. We will make some suggestions for improvement.
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