Happy 2023! Happy Year of the Rabbit!

About TestMagic

We founded TestMagic in 1998 in a small storefront on Irving Street in San Francisco. We had a vision of creating a welcoming, nurturing learning environment where all would feel challenged to excel. We have grown enormously since that time, but we still retain the same focus on the individual that we had then.

One of our main goals is to offer our students and clients a full range of services that make the best use of existing technologies and pedagogical theory; we combine online learning with real, live in-class instruction (there is simply no substitute for a real human in front of students) and a world-class curriculum that is designed to offer flexibility in the classroom to adapt to each student and group.

All TestMagic staff are dedicated to the success of every student and will work with them and their parents to ensure the best possible results for all.