About TestMagic

TestMagic came to life in a humble storefront on Irving Street, in San Francisco, back in 1998.

Born from a vision of an inclusive, inspiring hub of learning, we've aimed to challenge and uplift every student from day one. While we've scaled significantly since those early days, our commitment to individual growth remains at our core.

The first TestMagic, around 2000
Our first storefront! This would have been around the 2000s, back when the SAT II tests still existed!

Our primary mission is to provide a comprehensive range of personalized services to our students and clients, using our vast experience to merge the best of modern technology and educational theory. This means blending the convenience of online learning with the irreplaceable power of experience and empathy, all within a flexible, world-class curriculum tailored to the unique needs of each student and group.

TestMagic staff in 2015
Some TestMagic staff around 2015. Who's the tallest one in the photo?

Every member of the TestMagic team is passionately committed to your child's success. We're in it together, collaborating with students and parents alike to achieve the very best outcomes.