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Writing 3.0 (High School) English course with a live instructor

$ 249.00

What You'll Learn

Effective writing is the foundation of a good education. We teach this vital skill by addressing several key areas:


To write well, you must first write. A lot. All students write one essay in every class, which is then read, commented on, and corrected by an experienced instructor.


You can't become a great writer without reading the writing of the greats. Each session is designed around a specific work of literature or non-fiction specifically chosen for reading level, appropriateness, and genre. Our curriculum includes such books as Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, Steven Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, as well as short stories, essays, and articles.


Each session covers carefully chosen grammar topics based on students' actual writing, from common errors in subject-verb agreement to problems with flow, coordination, and awkwardness.


Each book or reading assignment includes a comprehensive vocabulary list of the vocabulary contained in the work assigned. Students are also quizzed on the vocabulary both for homework and in class.


Students are assigned a predictable amount of homework for each session--less than one hour of reading, an online vocabulary quiz on the words contained in the reading, and a short writing assignment.


    Instructor Profiles
    • TestMagic Certified Instructor: All TestMagic Instructors have at minimum a degree from a 4-year university.
    • Erin B.: BA in English from George Mason University; MA in Education from SFSU (in progress). Founder of TestMagic.
    • James M.: Ph. D. (ABD) from USC in Economics. Very energetic, experienced, and compassionate.
    • Linda P.: BA from UC Berkeley in Molecular Cell Biology. Funny, artistic, and whip-smart.
    • Thomas A.: BS from UC Santa Barbara. Friendly, super-smart, and motivated.
    • Eva M.: Well-rounded, somewhat strict and makes students work hard. Also Operations Manager at TestMagic.
    • Mather G.: Ph. D. in Anthropology from UC Berkeley. Professor at UC Berkeley and SFSU. A true Bohemian intellectual; longtime Bay Area resident.
    • Michael L.: BS from the University of Pennsylvania; MA in Education from Stanford University. Smart, talented, and extremely dedicated.
    • Robert L.: Fresh MD finishing up the requirements to practice medicine. Laughs a lot and keeps the class going quickly.

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