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Homework Boost

Homework Boost

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COVID-19 update: This program is on hold. Please get in touch with any questions.

Homework Boost

After school homework help in a live group class with a live instructor via video.

Running successfully since 2004, the TestMagic Homework Boost (HWB) program is  designed to help students improve their GPA, finish their homework and essays, learn how to study efficiently, and keep them on track for college.

    How it works

    The concept is straightforward: Students log in to TM after school and work on their homework with us. Our tutors (typically 1–3 tutors) help students with their homework, explain questions and concepts, and also talk to them about school and their lives. We can also help with college applications, high school applications, and the writing for these essays. (All staff have extensive experience in these areas.)

    Course details

    The Homework Boost program is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4pm-6pm. Students may attend for all or part of that time.


    HWB does not meet for major US holidays or SFUSD holidays/furlough days.


    • Students do best with continuous study, so we encourage students to attend for the entire semester, not jut the busy periods. We therefore offer the lowest rate for attendance during the entire semester (though other options are available). Note: Missed sessions during a semester must be made up during the same week; in no case can sessions carry over to the next semester.
    • We maintain a very friendly, open study environment, and HWB students typically do get to know one another. We will also keep you focused to maintain an environment most conducive to learning.
    • We will get to know you. We will learn your strengths and weaknesses. We will push you to do better.
    • Students are responsible for giving their best effort to improve, learn, and raise their GPAs. We will also push you to stay focused, get more organized, and improve your study habits.
    • Please keep your screen usage related to school. Texting a friend to get a copy of the homework? That's fine. Playing a round of Fortnite? That's not okay.
    • We will check your grades periodically; we will stay in touch with students' parents; we may also contact your teachers (with your parents' written permission).
    • Students must attend all classes within the scheduled times. Missed classes may be made up during the same week only and are not eligible for refund.
    • HWB Class Pass: Get 10 sessions to use more flexibly. Attend 10 HWB sessions on the days you want and the times you want during a period of six weeks. Fine print: All ten sessions must be used within six weeks of the first weekday after purchase. (Remember, students do best with continued attendance.) Any attendance is counted as a session. Example: Whether you attend for 20" or 2 hours, it's one session; time cannot carry over to another session. An extension of two weeks is available for a $95 fee. Sessions must be used by the end of the school year. Unused sessions are not transferrable or refundable.
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