SAT vocab: enigmatic

SAT vocab: enigmatic

What does enigmatic mean? Read below for the definition.

Quick vocab quiz for the word enigmatic

First, before you read about the word enigmatic, try this quick vocab quiz:

enigmatic most nearly means

(A) practical
(B) stupid
(C) mysterious
(D) smelly
(E) elegant

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Now let's learn about the word enigmatic.

Part of Speech of enigmatic

enigmatic is an ADJECTIVE.

Pronunciation enigmatic

Here's how to pronounce enigmatic:

IPA: /ɛ.nɪg.ˈmæ.tɪk/

Glossary-style: [eh-nihg-MAH-tihk]

Definition of enigmatic

enigmatic means: puzzling, mysterious, or hard to understand (Ex: a cave wall covered with enigmatic symbols).

 SAT vocab word: enigmatic

Da Vinci's masterpiece of light and shadow.

Explain more about enigmatic, please

If something is enigmatic, then it is mysterious or hard to understand. The word enigmatic, of course, derives from enigma, which basically means puzzle or riddle.

So, if someone is hard to understand, we can call her enigmatic or of something (like space or the deep ocean) presents unsolvable mysteries, then we can say it's enigmatic, too.

Example of enigmatic

Here's the word enigmatic used in a sentence:

The so-called Mona Lisa smile refers to the smile of the woman in the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci; perhaps because her smile is so subtle, people think that it's also enigmatic and wonder what she was thinking about when she sat for the portrait.

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Answer to the quick vocab quiz

The best answer is (C) mysterious.

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