📞 Request a meeting with TestMagic

You can use this page to request a meeting with TestMagic. This includes requesting a lesson or other kind of meeting.

We love talking to people! Current students, past students, prospective students, and of course, parents of all of the above.

As soon as we receive your request, we'll contact you to finalize the meeting.

Note: Please wait for confirmation by email or text as we need to double- and triple-check your request to make sure all is hunky-dory.

Lessons, tutoring, and coaching times

If you're a student already, or you want to check our availability, please click below to see available slots.

Explanation of the options:

  1. Tutoring: You're a student enrolled in one-to-one tutoring with us and wish to schedule your regular tutoring.
  2. Coaching: You're enrolled in a coaching program and wish to schedule your regular time with us.
  3. Consultation: You're a student in one of our courses, and you have a question, or you're a caregiver of a student, and you wish to talk to us. Or, you've never studied with us before, and you wish to talk to us.