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Test Proctoring

$ 50.00

If you're taking an online class that requires a test to be proctored, we might be able to help. It's not our main business activity, but this is something we've done for people in the past.

Read below for more information.

The rates listed cover one session only. This means that we don't allow the purchase of, for example, four hours to be broken up into shorter sessions. Please purchase enough time to cover the full length of proctoring your test.

Included in the fee:

  • A room, table, pens, pencils, rest room, access to water, etc.
  • Communication with the organization you're taking your class with
  • Scanning and sending materials back to the organization in question electronically

Not included in the fee:

  • Any special postage requirements. (Hopefully we can send the materials electronically.)


  • Availability: We are a learning center with regularly scheduled classes. It may be difficult to proctor a test during our busy hours (typically after school).
  • Strictness: We will follow our proctors instructions carefully, and in no case will we engage in academic dishonesty. (In short, we don't help people cheat. Thankfully, no one has ever asked us to!)
  • Noise: Our location is relatively quiet for a city office, but you may hear sirens or other street noise. If you're particularly sensitive to noise, please let us know in advance and perhaps even visit first.

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