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TOEFL Listening Practice Questions

TOEFL Listening Practice Questions

Look at these simulated TOEFL questions and answer the questions based on what the second person says. We have written the words of the first person in “code” so that you will have to focus all of your attention on what the second person says. The idea here is that you should be able to answer many of the questions, even if you miss what the first person says.

You may not get the right answer every time, but you should be able to answer many of the questions based only what the second person says.

1.       Woman: Do you remember what time our Bio class starts?
Man: Sure, at a quarter of three.

What does the man mean?

 He will tell the woman what time class starts later.

 Class begins at 2:45.

 They are going to be late for their class.

 Class starts at 3:15.

2.       Man: Jaime just called and said everybody’s already at the restaurant waiting on us before they order.
Woman: Oh, we’d better get a move on.

What does the woman mean?

 She isn’t hungry right now.

 They should hurry.

 They should ask the others to order their food for them before they arrive.

 She wishes they lived closer to the restaurant.

3.       Woman: Do you know where Professor Jenkins’s office is?
Man: If you just go two doors down to your left, I think you’ll find her office.

What does the man imply?

 Professor Jenkins’ office is closed right now.

 The woman should try to find Professor Jenkins’ office on her own.

 He can take the woman to Professor Jenkins’ office.

 Professor Jenkins’ office is close to the speakers.

4.       Man: Did you find time to return that video before our rental fees go through the roof?
Woman: No, I didn’t, but Diana did.

What can be inferred about the videotape?

 The woman returned it.

 They will have to pay a lot of money for it.

 Diana returned it for the woman.

 The man wanted to return it.

5.       Woman: Have you seen my dictionary? I just had it yesterday.
Man: Oh, sorry, I think I must’ve left it in my room.

What does the man mean?

 He thinks that the dictionary should stay in his room.

 He didn’t return the woman’s dictionary to where he got it.

 He was using her dictionary the night before.

 He needs to use her dictionary a little bit longer.

6.       Man: Ow! I just stubbed my toe.
Woman: Hey, relax, it hurts now, but it’ll die down in a second or two.

What does the woman mean?

 The pain will stop shortly.

 The man should go to the hospital to have his toe looked at.

 The injury could be worse than the man realizes.

 The same thing happened to her before.

7.       Woman: Man! I just realized something… It stopped raining, and when I left the restaurant, I didn’t remember that I’d brought my umbrella… What if it rains tomorrow? I won’t have my umbrella.
Man: I’ll go get it for you.

What will the man probably do?

 Lend the woman his umbrella.

 Go home.

 Go to the restaurant to get the woman’s umbrella.

 Ask the woman where she left her umbrella.

8.       Man: Movies sure are expensive these days.
Woman: Aren’t they, though?

What does the woman mean?

 She agrees with the man.

 She thinks movies are reasonably priced.

 She would like to see a movie.

 She didn’t hear the man.

9.       Man: I can’t seem to find my watch.
Woman: Have you checked your bookbag?

What does the woman mean?

 The man’s watch might be in the man’s bookbag.

 She knows where the man’s watch is.

 She thinks his watch might be in her bookbag.

 The man should keep his watch in his bookbag.

10.   Woman: Boy, it sure is hot in here!
Man: You can say that again!

What does the man mean?

 He thinks the woman should turn down the heater.

 He would like to talk with the woman.

 He also feels hot.

 He didn’t hear the woman.


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