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Free TOEFL Practice :: Structure 191-200

TOEFL Structure Questions, 191-200

All questions were written by Erin Billy, specifically for the areas of difficulty of TestMagic students.

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This TOEFL structure test has ten questions. You will see an estimate of your score when you finish the test.

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Time: 7 minutes

1. It is the lack of gravity on the moon that makes ______ leaps of 30 feet or more.

it possible
to be possible
it to be possible


 2. Money [donated] by [philanthropist] H. R. Brandenberg
[was earmark] for AIDS research in [developing countries].

was earmark
developing countries


3. In ancient [times] banking transactions often [were taken]
place in [common areas], for example, a [town square].

were taken
common areas
town square


 4. From the beginning of the twentieth century to the present, technology ______ people are beginning to imagine there are no limits to what we can achieve.

progressed to the point that
has to progress to a point
has progressed to the point that
progressed a point that


5. It is believed that the modern bird ______ the pterodactyls that existed millions of years ago.

was evolved from
evolved from
was evolving from


6. A trap ______ disguise is what has come to be called a Trojan Horse, from the ancient story of the gift of the wooden horse from the Greeks.

offered a gift of
offers a gift in
offering a gift to
offered as a gift in


7. The log cabin, [among others], was a commonplace
[dwelling] for the early settlers in North because of the ease
[which] it was able to be constructed and the [relatively ready] availability of its building material, wood.

among others
relatively ready


8. The Great Fire of 1906 in San Francisco [was happened] [primarily] as [a result of] the great earthquake preceding [it].

was happened
a result of


9. The development of the light bulb ______ partly as a result of the widespread availability of electricity and the need for cheap, clean light.

was occurring
was occurred


10. Telecommuting is a new form of work ______ to work, such as fathers with children, the chance to work while remaining at home.

affording those previously unable
affords those who were previously unable
that affording those unable previously
afforded those previously unable


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