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TOEFL Structure Questions, 030-040

All questions were written by Erin, specifically for the areas of difficulty of TestMagic students.

I want to take another TOEFL Structure test.


The Test


1. C

A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon occurring when the Earth blocks Sun's light from the Moon.

occurring when

We need the determiner the here. (In general, we say the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, etc.)
from the


2. B

______ are most mammals able to receive the most information about what is happening in their immediate environment.

Because they use sight
By means of sight

It's easier to understand this sentence once we realize that the main subject is mammals and the main verb is are--the simple sentence is Most mammals are able to receive... Nothing is missing from this sentence, so we can add a prepositional phrase. Note that this sentence uses subject-verb inversion, which is important to know for English grammar.
With the sights
Using sight


3. D

The Consumer Price Index in the United States ______ the inflation rate.

as the primary indicates
is the indication primarily
primarily indicates of
is a primary indicator of

We should first notice that the main verb is missing; is will solve that problem. Next, we should choose the answer that will logically complete the sentence. Here we are saying that the Consumer Price Index (which, by the way, we often refer to as simply the CPI) is... [an] indicator of something.


4. D

Some of the most influential works in twentieth-century American classical music were composed in the period between the first and the fifth decade.


Here we simply need to use the plural decades since we're talking about two decades--the first decade and the fifth decade.


5. B

Although the grammar of the English language is chiefly derived ______ Germanic languages, some 80% of its vocabulary comes from Latin.


This one's pretty easy--just remember that we say derive from. (We don't use any of the other choices.)


6. C

On the land or in the sea, carrion creatures have adapted to feed by any type of food that is available in their habitat.

have adapted

We should remember that we feed on, which essentially means to eat. This one's a little tricky because feed is usually a transitive verb (e.g., to feed a baby her food), but we can use it as an intransitive verb as well with the preposition on (e.g., Pandas famously feed on bamboo.).
is available


7. C

The brightest point seen in the night sky is typically not a star but Venus, it is the second planet from the Sun.

seen in
it is

In a word, we can't choose this answer because doing so would create a run-on sentence. If we get rid of it is, then the sentence is correct: The brightest point seen in the night sky is typically not a star but Venus, the second planet from the Sun. This sentence is the equivalent of: The brightest point seen in the night sky is typically not a star but Venus, which is the second planet from the Sun.
the Sun


8. A

Information technology is quickly becoming the most important economic export ______.

in certain geographical areas

First, we should remember that we say in areas. Second, we need the plural areas, since we are talking about more than one area. Finally, we should use ADJECTIVE NOUN word order, not NOUN ADJECTIVE.
for area that are geographic
in certain areas geographical
of certain geographical area


9. B

Although originated in tropical Africa, watermelon is now cultivated all over the world.


We need to use the present participle originating here, not the past participle originated, since watermelon is "doing the action" of the verb originate.
is now
all over


10. A

In 1995, Newt Gingrich was sworn ______ Speaker of the House, the first Republican Speaker in more than 40 years.

in as

This one can be a little tricky. It's probably best to memorize the phrasal verb to swear somebody in as something, which means to formally induct somebody into office.
to be

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