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All questions and explanation were written by Erin Billy and are copyright Erin Billy.

Original TestMagic Question

223. Erin Billy won the Lucise Prize of poetry in 1991 for the poem Crashing Alone.

B is the best answer. We should change of to for.

TestMagic Explanation

This question is testing you on the correct preposition to use with prize.

Here are two more examples of this usage of prize for:

  • Academy Award for Best Actor
  • Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction

You probably already know the TOEFL trick here -- which preposition to use with which word. Some people call these "idioms," but TestMagic likes to call them "combinations."

A is grammatically correct because the past tense won should be used for the year 1950.

In C for is used correctly.

Finally, I don't think there's anything too trick about D -- everything is okay here.

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