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TestMagic offers a wide range of SAT tutoring and SAT classes to fit your needs. If you are interested in group classes, please visit our SAT classes page.


For Whom is SAT Tutoring Ideal?


People who want faster SAT learning: One-to-one SAT tutoring is ideal for students who want to have an expert SAT tutor guide them through the process of preparing for the SAT. This prep includes learning what the SAT is like, what the SAT tests, and how to raise one's SAT score efficiently. Of course, TestMagic covers all of this in our group SAT classes, but private SAT tutoring is faster, more efficient, and tailored to the needs and learning style of the student.

People with irregular schedules: One-to-one SAT tutoring is ideal for students who have unpredictable or varied schedules. For example, many TestMagic students are active in sports, music, and community service, and their schedules vary from week to week. These students find it much more convenient to have a customized schedule that fits their availability than to have to attend a regularly scheduled class.

People who are weak in one area of the SAT: For people who excel in one area, but need extra help in another, one-to-one SAT tutoring can provide precise focus on problem areas. For example, if your math is very strong, but you don't feel confident about your writing, your tutor could focus a good amount of your class time improving your SAT essay writing skills.

People who are exceptionally motivated: TestMagic teachers on the whole are highly educated and have a broad range of experiences. Many of our teachers have taught at the university level, including teaching courses in the U.C. system. Several of our teachers are Ph. D. candidates, and most either have graduate degrees or are pursuing graduate degrees. We have and have had teachers from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UCSF, Berkeley, UCLA, MIT, and other rigorous programs. Many of our teachers speak two or more languages, have lived in different countries, and have varied work experiences, including engineering, running their own companies, and of course, teaching. If you are the kind of person who simply loves learning and wants to ask lots of questions, and are inspired by high achievers, TestMagic private SAT tutoring may be the ideal SAT learning situation for you.

People who are not exceptionally motivated: Of course, some people choose a private SAT tutor for the same reason many people choose to hire a personal trainer--because they need a professional coach to push them to do their best. For whatever reason--maybe you're tired after school or maybe you just don't like the SAT--a personal SAT tutor can motivate you to succeed. TestMagic has helped many students overcome the SAT learning process and stay motivated while raising their SAT scores. And sometimes, a boost from a professional can give you that extra edge you need to succeed.


SAT Tutoring Classes FAQs


  • How much does TestMagic SAT tutoring cost? TestMagic realizes that private SAT tutoring can be expensive compared with the cost of group SAT classes. We therefore offer SAT tutoring at a very competitive rate, which is currently $85 per hour. We also offer a special package of 20 hours of private SAT tutoring for $1350. These rates are subject to change, so please contact TestMagic to confirm the rate.
  • Will TestMagic SAT coaches come to my house? Or do I need to go to TestMagic? All SAT classes, including SAT tutoring and SAT group classes, are taught on-site at either of our two locations; TestMagic SAT coaches currently do not teach at students' houses or locations outside of TestMagic.
  • What times are available for my SAT tutoring? TestMagic will schedule a time that is convenient for you and for your SAT coach; in other words, at a time when both you and your SAT coach are available. During the academic school year, TestMagic is open six days per week (every day but Monday), and during the summer, TestMagic is open every day.

If you have any other questions about SAT tutoring, please contact TestMagic, and we'll do our very best to help you.

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