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Year 2002. Month May.
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TestMagic News


TOEFL Classes

Most of you know that I teach TOEFL prep in San Francisco, California. I get e-mails and calls all the time about on-line classes and classes in other cities and countries. Although I fully intend to have a strong presence all over the world in the coming years, I currently only teach in San Francisco.

Right now, I have an ongoing workshop for Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning. Click here to e-mail to let me know that you want to study TOEFL with me in San Francisco.

here to see the schedule and tuition information.

Cool Discussions in TM Forum

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I've been working almost every day to improve the TestMagic Discussion Groups. For those of you who care about such things, I'm using the very popular Snitz Forum 2000, which is FREE for anybody who wants it! It works very well, and I am very, very happy with the result.

I want to create the most popular place on the Internet for TOEFL, TOEFL, GRE, and SAT discussions, so I've been trying very hard to make the Discussion Groups very fast, full of features, and attractive. If you visit the Discussion Groups, you will notice that you can post questions (after you register), you can automatically receive messages in your e-mail when people post by "subscribing" to each topic, you can use "smilies" when you post, and soon, I will add more and more features, such as avatars and polls.

We've got some great discussions going. Here are some:

Finally, I would like to encourage everybody to visit and post at the TestMagic Discussion Groups. I know that many of you are non-native speakers of English, and you might feel embarrassed about posting to this group in English, but I can assure you that we will treat you very, very well. I am a language teacher and most visitors will be non-native speakers. We are all very, very tolerant. Hey, I'm a non-native speaker in all of your languages, too, right?? Remember: Language = Power TM!!!! The more you practice, the better you'll be!!

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Reference: Some "combinations"

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Some people call these "idioms," other people separate them into different groups. TestMagic calls them "combinations," well, because that's what they are--combinations of words that we need to know for the TOEFL.

This is the beginning of the extensive list that I am working on. I have researched all of these "combinations" carefully.

Unique to my list are the common MISTAKES you're likely to see on the TOEFL; these mistakes are in red. The most common combinations are in green. So, just to make it simple:

red = bad
green = good (most common)

I know some of you out there will want to ask me a question or want examples. I'll be happy to engage in a dialogue with you, as long as it's on-line in my Discussion Group. As I've mentioned several million times already (please skip if you've heard before...), I get too much e-mail (most asking the same questions) to respond to each one. And please remember, most of the material that I send out in these newsletters is from my works-in-progress, meaning that you will see the completed parts, but the rest is not yet ready. If it were, it'd be published already!!

Anyway, here's the list:

1. ability in SOMETHING
2. ability TO DO SOMETHING
4. absent from SOMETHING
5. accept into + GROUP
6. accepted at + COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY
7. accepted into + GROUP
8. accepted to + COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY
9. access to SOMETHING
10. accused of SOMETHING BAD
11. accustom to SOMETHING
12. acquaint with SOMETHING/SOMEBODY
13. act as ROLE
14. adapt from WORK
15. adapt to SOMETHING
16. addicted to SOMETHING
17. admit of SOMETHING
18. advantage of SOMETHING
19. afraid of SOMETHING
20. X agree on + DOING SOMETHING X (change to agree to do something)
21. agree on + SOMETHING
22. agree to DO SOMETHING
23. agree to SOMETHING
24. agree with SOMEBODY
27. *** aim to DO SOMETHING ***
28. *** aimed at DOING SOMETHING ***
29. allow for SOMETHING
30. angry at SOMEBODY (some grammarians consider this unidiomatic)
31. angry with SOMETHING
32. apologize for SOMETHING
33. appeal to SOMEBODY
34. applied to SOMETHING
35. apply to SOMETHING
36. approach (the noun, not the verb) to SOMETHING
37. approve of SOMETHING
38. argue about SOMETHING
39. argue for SOMETHING
40. arrive at SOMETHING
41. arrive in SOMETHING
42. *** as... as... ***
43. ascribe to BELIEF
47. associate with SOMETHING
48. *** attribute SOMETHING to SOMEBODY/SOMETHING ***
49. averse to SOMETHING
50. aversion for SOMETHING (less common, but correct)
51. aversion to SOMETHING (most common form)
52. aversion towards SOMETHING (less common, but correct)
53. aware of SOMETHING

I want to post a question in the TestMagic Discussion Groups!!

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Practice Questions: Grammar

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Okay, now it's time for everybody's favorite, grammar. You should know how to do these! I hope you find these questions helpful!

TOEFL Grammar



Time: 7 minutes

1. The United States government is [based on] a system that [employs] three main branches of government, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial, with each [balancing] the power of the [other].


2. The average person, such as Erin Billy, uses an average of one hundred gallons of water per day, fifteen to thirty ______ are used during a simple shower.

O which
O that
O being
O of which


3. There are more Labrador Retrievers registered with pedigrees than there are of ______ breed.

O any other
O other
O the other
O their


4. The pervasive liberal attitude [of] Californian society stems at least partly [the] attitudes of [the first settlers] [from] the East Coast.


5. ______ the highest yearly budget of all U.S. zoos, the San Diego Zoo is only one quarter the size of the Minnesota Zoo.

O When it has
O To have
O Despite having
O It has


6. While seemingly complicated [to] those unfamiliar [with] it, the abacus is actually faster [than is] a calculator for routine banking [task].


7. While not ______, the venom in the tentacles of the Portuguese man-of-war can inflict great pain.

O a fatality
O usually fatal
O it is usually fatal
O being usually fatal


8. ______ average gestation period of 660 days, the African elephant has the longest pregnancy of any land animal.

O An
O Because of an
O With their
O With an


9. [The cheetah] can [attain] a speed [of up to] 70 mph, 20 mph faster than [speed] of a lion.


10. [While their] name [implies] [that] are whales, pilot whales [are] actually dolphins.




Here are the answers.

Remember, if you have any questions, you can post them in our discussion groups. To use this great feature, you will have to register for the discussion groups, which only takes a few seconds.

Click to learn more...

Here are the answers.

<<keep going..>>

If you have any questions, please direct them here; I have already started a discussion on these questions.

<<keep going..>>

To use this great feature, you will have to register for the discussion groups, which only takes a few seconds.

<<keep going..>>

No peeking...

Here they are:

1. D
2. D
3. A
4. B
5. C
6. D
7. B
8. D
9. D
10. B

I sincerely hope that this newsletter has been helpful to you and that you will forward a copy of it to your friends who are preparing for the TOEFL.

I wish you the best of everything, and good luck on your TOEFL!!

Erin Billy
San Francisco, CA


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