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GMAT Links

TestMagic visits and knows these sites:

  • Official GMAT Site Sooner or later, you'll end up at this site. You can register for the GMAT, download the GMAT PowerPrep, and buy official GMAT materials.

  • TestMagic GMAT Forum If you've never used a forum, you should. Seriously. The people who score over 700 know that popular forums are the best source of up-to-date and accurate information. Ask any question you want, complain about the GMAT, share your knowledge. Of course we're partial to this forum, but with good reason. We've invested countless hours into making it a great place to share information with others who are just like you. And the people there are quite nice and helpful!

  • Sentence Correction A site specifically for the sentence correction section of the GMAT. This site is run by Erin of TestMagic, and there he posts what he's learned after many years of coaching students on the GMAT.

  • U.S. News An increasingly influential publication/site that ranks colleges, universities, and the like. Great stuff, but you have to pay to see beyond the rankings.

  • BusinessWeek also ranks b-schools. BusinessWeek also has one of the most active b-school forums on the Web, but with a definite wild West feel to it. It's unmoderated (meaning you can say whatever you want) and has more than its share of blowhards, but it's worth a visit; there are some jewels in there.

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