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TestMagic TOEFL Structure #01

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Directions: Choose the best answer for each question. You should take 12 minutes to finish this test.

When you finish, you see an estimate of your score. Easy questions are worth one point, medium questions are worth two points, difficult questions are worth three points. The maximum score on this test is 36. The score that you see on this test will probably be lower than your real TOEFL grammar score--we thought it would be better to underestimate your score than overestimate it!



Narwhals, small arctic whales, are interesting in that they have single tusk, rather than two like most other mammals having tusks.

A. Narwhals

Magic Explanation 

B. in that
C. single tusk
D. having tusks


While their name implication that they are whales, pilot whales are actually dolphins.

A. While their

Magic Explanation 

B. implication
C. that they
D. are


Another misnomer is the so-called "sperm whale," ______ the liquid contained in its head, called spermaceti.

A. whose name comes

Magic Explanation 

B. whose name comes from
C. which name comes from
D. whose name come


This toothed whale has a large, square head with ______ the so-called spermaceti.

A. cavity containing

Magic Explanation 

B. cavity to contain
C. the cavity for containing
D. a cavity that contains


This waxy, pearly solid is ______ and was once used as a fuel.

A. used chiefly in cosmetics

Magic Explanation 

B. the chief cosmetic
C. chiefly cosmetic
D. using cosmetics


The so-called "sperm oil" is a water-insoluble liquid that is used for a lubricant.

A. so-called

Magic Explanation 

B. a
C. that is
D. for


Canaries used to be used in mines to detect odorless, colorless, and poisonous gas--when the canary died, ______ was present.

A. to mean poisonous gas

Magic Explanation 

B. it meant that poisonous gas
C. meaning the poisonous gas
D. the poisonous gas meant it


Linguists believe that the clicking and squeaking of porpoises ______ of larynxes is actually a form of communication.

A. are thinking indication

Magic Explanation 

B. that once thought to be indicative
C. once thinking indication
D. once thought to be indicative


Pilot whales have big, round, bulbous head and are members of the dolphin family.

A. have

Magic Explanation 

B. bulbous head
C. are members
D. of


Also known for orcinus orca, the killer whale is a predatory member of the dolphin family.

A. known for

Magic Explanation 

B. is
C. predatory member
D. the


The large-headed, toothed, sperm whale has a large, square head with a cavity ______.

A. to holding sperm oil

Magic Explanation 

B. held sperm oil
C. that holds sperm oil
D. to hold a sperm oil


The remarkable progress made in the efforts to eradicate polio from the face of the earth ______ because of cooperation among various nations.

A. largely is possible

Magic Explanation 

B. being possible largely
C. been largely possible
D. has been possible largely


The kitchens of many dormitories are common area and can be used by all residents of the dormitory.

A. many

Magic Explanation 

B. common area
C. can be used
D. by


Price of a new car can run anywhere from around $11,500 to $1 million or more.

A. Price

Magic Explanation 

B. can run
C. up to
D. or more


Many mountain animals have hooves more ______ than similar animals living on land.

A. develop

Magic Explanation 

B. developing
C. developed
D. to develop


Many American tea kettles whistle when the ______ starts to boil.

A. containing water inside

Magic Explanation 

B. water contained inside
C. water containing inside
D. contain water


The great white shark earned nickname 'man eating shark' from its tendency to attack and maim human swimmers.

A. nickname

Magic Explanation 

B. from
C. to attack
D. human swimmers


The loyalty of dogs to their masters has earned ______ 'man's best friend.'

A. the nickname of

Magic Explanation 

B. them the nickname
C. a nickname
D. nicknames


______, the homing pigeon is now extinct.

A. To be abundant

Magic Explanation 

B. It is abundant
C. Once abundant
D. In abundance


Composed over 99% of the studied universe, hydrogen is by far the most abundant element in the known universe.

A. Composed

Magic Explanation 

B. by far
C. the most abundant
D. known universe

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