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TestMagic is your TOEFL test preparation center in San Francisco, California. Study with us and we will help you raise your TOEFL score FAST!

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Our experienced teachers understand that everyone has a different learning style. They change their teaching styles depending on students' learning styles. In other words, they don't have manuals like most other schools' teachers do and they communicate with students intimately in and out of the class. Additionally, most classes have 5 or 6 students. You will feel like your teacher is a private tutor.


The TOEFL is always changing!

Is it possible to get a perfect score on the TOEFL test after you memorize a strategy text book? We think not. Have you ever experienced the feeling of discovering that you knew the answer to a question that you missed? TestMagic can help you by demonstrating how to apply the strategy to each question on the test, and to improve your scores dramatically.


Knowing the TOEFL is the fastest way to raise your score!

Even native English speakers cannot get a perfect score without knowing the TOEFL very well--some of the new computer TOEFL questions are difficult! TestMagic will show you the kinds of questions you will see on the TOEFL. These questions are highly predictable. TestMagic can show you how to find the patterns on the TOEFL test, what to look for, and how to answer the questions. We use only our original materials and Official TOEFL materials to prevent students from wasting their time to struggle with "Non-TOEFL questions."


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