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Grammar Lists

Underneath each title, we can see examples and a short explanation of why they are important for us to learn.


  • Determiners

    • a, the, my, its, no, 's, etc.
    • A very simple concept, yet fundamental to English grammar!
  • Inversion of the Subject and Verb

    • Here I come! Never do I sleep at night.
    • Very tricky and one of the hardest types of questions on the TOEFL or GMAT!


  • Known as vs. Known for vs. Know to do something

    • She is known as Tabitha. She is known for asking crazy questions in class. She is known to disappear for several days at a time.
    • A minor point, but you will see it on the TOEFL sometimes.


  • Prepositions

    • in, over, about, on, like, despite, because of.
    • One of the hardest and most important parts of English to learn. We will see this on the TOEFL and the GMAT.
    • We have over 100 listed, we need to know about 90% of this list before we take the TOEFL!


  • Quantifiers

    • half, most, many, some, all, 60%.
    • Have you ever said something like this: "Most of people want to learn more English."? If so, you need to read this!
    • On the TOEFL all the time, and one of the most common mistakes, in speaking, in writing, and on the TOEFL!


  • Subordinating Conjunctions

    • since, because, although, when, that, what.
    • You need to know 95% of this list before you take the TOEFL!!


  • Verbs: Irregular

    • broken, went, gone, seen, been.
    • Did you know that English has more than 300 irregular verbs?? Here is a list of 120 of the most common ones!! You need to know about 80% of this list for the TOEFL!
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