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Index of Explanations for the Official TOEFL Tests

Explanations for the Official TOEFL Tests

Hello to all my students all over the world!

The best resource for TOEFL questions is official materials. If you need to buy them, click here. If you already have them, then you know that most of them do not come with explanations.

I use the Official TOEFL materials in every class, so I decided to write the explanations for my students to study at home.

I am working hard to write explanations for all of the Official TOEFL materials. I will post them here when I finish them.

You will notice that many of the explanations have extra exercises with them. I write extra exercises for my students so that they can reinforce what they have learned from the passages.

I hope you find these explanations helpful.

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Explanations for the 1998 Kit

This index is under construction, but there is A LOT of good info here.

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Explanations for the 1997 Kit


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