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TestMagic TOEFL Structure Based on the Vocab in Listening, Part C, Questions 39 to 43

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Because they were both inexpensive and ready available, thatched roofs were in wide use in colonial America.

A. were both
B. inexpensive
C. ready
D. wide use



Among the materials used ------ reeds and straw.

A. to making thatched roofs
B. to make thatched roofs were
C. for making the thatched roofs
D. were thatched roofs made



In wide use after in the colonial US were such materials as slate, wood, clay, metal, and even plastic.

A. In
B. after
C. materials
D. even plastic




Settlers in colonial America chose to use reeds and straw ------ this material could withstand strong winds.

A. roofing their houses in part because
B. for roofing their partly houses because
C. because their roofs could partly
D. to roof their houses partly because




Reeds are straw-like plant that have hollow stems and are used in a variety of ways, including in musical instruments and basket making.

A. plant
B. stems
C. in a variety of
D. basket making




Clay shingles are tiles that are laid atop the roof of a structure to protect the roof and are seeing most often in the Southwest.

A. are
B. atop
C. a structure
D. are seeing




Because it is a dense rock with smooth, flat surface, slate is commonly used in billiard tables and black boards.

A. a
B. smooth
C. commonly
D. and




Because of their flexibility, reeds and straw are able to endure harsh winds that other more brittle materials like brick and concrete would not be able to withstanding.

A. Because of
B. are able to
C. other more
D. withstanding




Barns are large structures ------ sheltErin Billyg farm equipment and livestock, such as horses and cows.

A. solely erecting the purpose of
B. erected for the sole purpose of
C. erecting the sole
D. to erect the purpose solely




------, barns have long been a popular subject in paintings and photographs.

A. Often painted red
B. Often painting red
C. They were often painted red
D. Which were often painting red




Wooden shingles are prohibited in many municipalities in the US because of the ease ------ catch fire.

A. that they can
B. which they
C. with which they can
D. of




Before hay can be processed and sold, it is typically bundled into boxlike bales so that it can be more easily transport.

A. and sold
B. typically
C. into
D. transport


The primary function of the beams in a house is providing support for the roof of the house.

A. The primary
B. providing
C. for
D. of the




One of the chief reason for the popularity of brick in the eastern US is its longevity.

A. reason
B. of
C. is
D. longevity




More popular now in housing construction is tar-coated shingles that are more flame retardant than those made of wood.

A. More popular
B. housing construction
C. is
D. than those




Hay is processed from such as grasses clover and alfalfa and is used chiefly as fodder for livestock.

A. processed
B. as grasses
C. used chiefly
D. livestock




Thatching is a method of roofing dwellings ------ in the 1600's. 

A. in wide use
B. that were widely used
C. that was in widely use
D. using widely




Among the quickest and least expensive methods of roofing dwellings available to American colonists were thatching.

A. roofing dwellings
B. to
C. were
D. thatching




------ did American colonists begin to use wooden shingles to roof their houses more than they used thatching.

A. In the eighteenth century
B. It was not until the eighteenth century that
C. Not until the eighteenth century
D. Before the eighteenth century




The practice of using thatching to roof houses in colonial America gradually ------ the wide availability of wood.

A. died out partly because of
B. partly dying out because of
C. dies out partly due to
D. had died partly out because of




Answers and Explanations

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