Explanations for the TOEFL Structure/Written Expression (Grammar/Underlines), Test C from the 1998 Official TOEFL Kit


Here are the answers, corrections, and explanations for the Written Expression section section of Test C of the 1998 Kit that we actually used in class.

You will notice that some of the explanations have extra questions or vocab. That's because these are the questions that TestMagic students actually asked in class for that particular question.

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smooth We need the adjective form here to be parallel with straight and hollow. All three of these adjectives modify the noun stem.


many We need to use many with the plural count noun factors.


is believed We need to remove the double subject it since we already have a main subject, province.




and use

uses is a verb and does not have a subject. We can use the -ing form or we can use a conjunction, and, to make use parallel with are.


other any and another are both determiners. We cannot use two determiners together. 


of We should say that we have a painting of something. If we want to use onto, we should say something like she painted a landscape onto the canvas.


her We need to use a determiner here. hers is a pronoun.


them We need to use the plural pronoun for the plural referent corals.


organizing We need to have the noun form after the preposition for. organize is a verb.


travel We need a plural verb to agree with the plural noun waves.


was introduced We need passive voice here since manioc is receiving the action.


Between We should use the preposition Between here because of the meaning. We have a clue here, and. We should use the pattern between... and...


particles We need to use the plural form here since we are talking about more than one particle.


maintained maintain is a verb. We cannot use a verb here for several reasons. First, we would need a conjunction to join the two verbs are noted and maintained. Second, maintain is transitive and would need an object.

We need the -ed form here, maintained.


industries We need to use the plural form here since we are talking about ten industries.


thoroughly We need the adverb form here to modify the verb understand.


abundant We should use the adjective form here to modify the noun plants. abundance is a noun.


that We need to use a subordinating conjunction here because we have a verb yields. We can never use a verb after a preposition.


including We need to use the -ing form here since this phrase is reduced from the adjective clause which included transportation and fishing.


material from We need to change the order here since material needs to be parallel with fragments.


who We need to use who since the Big Game Hunters were people.


so We have a so... that... clause here.


up We need to use a preposition here since we have a noun side after upwards. upwards is an adverb.


Farmers We need to use the person noun form here since the Native American tribes consisted of people.


applied We need to use a past participle here to make the present perfect form.