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1. ______ not very healthy.

A Eaten cookies is

B Eating cookies are

C Eating cookies which are

D Eating cookies is

The grammar point in question is this: Is eating a present participle or a gerund? In this case eating is a gerund and is the subject of the verb is. This one can be tricky to explain and to understand, so if you have any questions, please post them in our forum.

2. Your job is ______ your TOEFL score.

A working hard and raising

B which works hard and raising

C worked hard and raised

D to work hard and raise

The grammar rule you need to know is this:


Remember that synonyms of job follow the same rule: task, function, duty, etc.

3. The population of the US is ______.

A greater than Canada

B more than the population Canada

C greater than that of Canada

D greater than Canada's one

This question tests you on comparisons. We sometimes refer to this type of question as an "apple and oranges" question. In this type of question, we need to compare two populations. The that in C is a pronoun and refers to population. If you chose A, you were comparing population and Canada, which ETS considers illogical.

4. You make ______.

A me happily

B me happy

C happy me

D me to happy

For this one we need to remember this rule:

make + NOUN + COMPLEMENT (usually an adjective or noun)

The complement modifies the second noun (me), so we should use an adjective or another noun, NOT an adverb.

5. Mother Theresa dedicated ______ the poor.

A her life and helped

B her life to helping

C her help and life

D to help

People miss this one because they think that after to we need the base form of the verb. However, to can also be a preposition, so we need to remember when to is a preposition and when it's part of the infinitive.

6. The guy ______ my brother.

A you saw was

B that saw

C who saw

D that saw you

Grammar point: that is sometimes optional in adjective clauses. When is it optional, you ask? When the head noun is the object or complement of the subordinate verb. Did you get that??? Better ask Erin Billy in the forum...

7. You are the first person ______ I am funny.

A to tell me

B telling me that

C who telling me

D that tells me to be

Important grammar pattern:

first + NOUN + infinitive

This is on the TOEFL a lot, and a lot of students ask TestMagic about this, so you should be familiar with this pattern.

8. ______ pretty funny.

A You said

B You said that

C What you said was

D The thing

Grammar focus: NOUN CLAUSE as SUBJECT of the verb. People tend to miss questions when the subject is a noun clause.

9. ______ a new student.

A The room came

B The room came into

C Into the room came

D Came into the room

Grammar point: Inversion. People mess up on inversion and ellipsis more than they do on any other grammar points on ETS's tests. If you're shooting for a high score, learn this!

10. Robin Hood stole from ______ poor.

A rich and gave

B the rich and gave to the

C the rich and giving

D rich and the

And last but not least, we need to remember that we can do this in English:

the + adjective = adjective people


the rich = rich people

the poor = poor people

the gifted and talented = gifted and talented people


Any Questions? Ask TestMagic!

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