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Transitive or Intransitive?

This exercise was written by Erin Billy.


This exercise is relatively simple--just decide whether the verb is transitive or intransitive. Some of these verbs can be either transitive or intransitive. In this case, write the answer choice that is more common. Finally, you will notice that several words have been repeated. This is because I want you to remember these words since they are the most common on the TOEFL and they cause the most problems for students.


vi or vt
1.  vi run
2.  vi live
3.  vt throw
4.  vt sell
5.  vt eat
6.  vi result
7.  vi evolve
8.  vt research
9.  vi happen
10.  vt feed
11.  vi exist
12.  vi result
13.  vt follow
14.  vt make
15.  vi take place
16.  vi occur
17.  vi exist
18.  vi happen
19.  vi dwell
20.  vi evolve
21.  vi result
22.  vt send
23.  vt invent
24.  vi fly
25.  vt find

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