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Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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 It has long been a controversy amongst students and critics in propective majors of the sciences and arts to conclude which subjects would be more beneficial to study.While science students claim that its field of study involves intellectual ability,arts students feel that the understanding and study of art is far richer in its importance chiefly in the influence through evolution of human history.While I conclude that a balance in the knowledge of both the subjects are essential ,let me lay down my reasons.
Science and Math subjects are intellectualy rewarding as they teach the understanding of theories that improve human's living standards ,such as researches conducted in universities and science laboratories to enhance the lives of human beings with vaccinces constantly being researched,produced and tested for incurable diseases.Without such a study ,the world be in serious trouble of poor health and living standards. Every theory that is founded would have been tried and tested to prove its success, concluding how the study of science and math subjects requires intellectual capabilities in its challenging field.While it is essential that the study of the sciences and math continues to ensure a healthy living environment,it is also important that a science student receives adequate education in the arts subjects to develope an artistic side of his life.
A distinct culture of the arts student is his detailed and subjective approach toward a subject which he has particular interests and talent.It is the beauty of life amidst all the things that could be explained by a science student and a mystery to study..While history had taken place,the study of human evolution is equally beneficial in developing a knowledgeable individual.It helps enhance an individual's life in the ability to appreciate the beauty that life comes bundled in.
In conclusion to my opinion, it is essential to have a balnce in the study of arts and science subjects as they complement an individual's life with knowledge and facts and the ability to appreciate the beauty of life ,with god's gifts of music ,literature and art.

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