Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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At an early stage of human civilization science was not developed in random way.
But today with the development of technology,science becomes more useful and
cultural aspect for mankind. At every stage of life we use many scientific instruments.
Again science helps to provide entertainment for human beings. Nowadays science
is progressed in more advanced way. By using technology, men are able to inevnt
many new things. Mathematics is an important subject among other science subjects.
At every moment, people can able to calculate any problem by applying mathematics.
To study other science subjects like physics, statistics, chemistry, etc., the knowledge
of mathematics is very essential as it is very useful to solve any problem related to
above subjects. With development of science we can able to use internet system.
By using this system we can able to collect any information about any topic. Or in
other words human beings are completely related and depended on science.

To study art and literature is very useful for human beings. People can know about
many past events by reading different history books. They can easily familiar with
different culture by reading many literature. By studying geography, we can know about
nature and environment. We can know about life style of many different cultural people
by reading art and literature.

From the above discussions, it is clear that to study science is more important than
to study art and literature. To study science helps us to live in more advanced way. Science
stream is too vast and is developed in more advanced way that students in science stream
have more facility to work in that field compared to art students.