Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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Many people hold that studying scientific subjects is more beneficial than studying literary ones. However, I do believe that each field has its own importance on our lives.

Scientific subjects are definitely crucial to our development. We wouldn't have come that a long way in scientific and cultural advancement if we didn't have subjects like math, physics, chymistery and so on. We, would't have conquored the space if we didn't have astronomy. Also, we wouldn't have found cures for dangerous deseases if we didn't have medicine. Our life relies great deal on those subjects, so they are greatly vital to us. Yet, I believe that some people are born with the skill to handle scientific research while others tend more towards literary subjects.

Therefore, people born with literary talents are also very useful to us. Many aspects of our lives need to be treated by art and literature. As human beings we also have feelings and emotions and those things need to be cared for as well. So writers, painters and actors are functional elements in our everyday life. When you're tired and you want to relax you might watch a comic movie or take a nice romantic book to read. Moreover, arts like sculture and painting play a huge role in our lives, in the sense that they add a beautiful and artistic touch to everything around us including our houses, offices and even the streets. Consequently, art is indispensible in our lives.

In fine, I believe that art and science are interrelated and binary cooexisting in our lifestyles. In my opinion, one cannot replace the other. Each is necessarily needed in to improve our lives. We need the mathematician as much as we need the paintor. Each has his own role to perform in the society.