Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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 It is more important to study subjects like science and math than it is to study subjects like art and literature."
I completely disargee with this statement because art and litearture are very important subject for future. Another reason is art and liteature to help our communation and writing. Last reason is that art and literature are main subjects in school.
Firstly, art and literature are more important than math and science for future. Art and literature can help our reading skills for future. Science and math are specicific subject, so they cannot help our future. We have basic math and science knowledge, so they can help to solve math and science problem in society. Therefore,we do not need spent many time studying in science and math. For example, my brother spent four hours in studying art and liteature ,so his reading is very stong. However, my sister like to study mant and science , so her reading is not good. She cannot easily read newspaper and literature.
Secondly, art and literature can our communication and reading. Art and literature are language subject in school
. They can help our wriring and communication to improve. Writing and communication is very important for each person because writing can easily help my brother to find a good job. When my brother interviews for his job, he uses good communication in his interview.After that, He can easily get supervisor in Royal Bank.
Thirdly, art and literature are main subject in school. We must need take art and literature in school beacuse they are language subject. If some people bad subject are math and science, they would not take math and science. We can choose other subject including other art subject. For example, my cousins always fail math and science subject, but he always get good results in art and literature. Math and science always fail that is not a serious problem. However, we must pass art and literature.
Studying art and literature is more important than studying math and science because art and literature are very impotant for future, they are main subject in school. Last reason is that art and literature can hely my reading and communication.