Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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Every people takes various courses in the school, including some science courses and art or literature courses. Some people think that art or literature courses are more worthy to study. But in my view, I prefer that science subjects are more important to our life.
First,science such as mathematics or chamical, physics can
change our world and is more useful for people. We certainly know that we need art and literature in our life. For most people, arts like music or paiting are good friends. Thus for students, learning some knowledge about art is very necessary.Studying literature can help you know the beaty of our language, the thinking of all kinds of people and the different cultures of countries. But the more important thing for most of people is how to get the ability of living the world. They should get much training in some useful subjects such as mathematics or computer or busness. Espacially computer technology is improved rapidly and it is full of our life. Every person realized that he should know more about it before he found a position in the sociaty.
In another hand, we should spend more energy on improving our world. As we know, we confront a series of problems today, Such as enviroment problem. The earth is the only enviroment that we rely on surviving . Now with the overuse of the natural resources, the pollusion of the water or air which we drink or breath everyday, it is the most important of all that we should endeavor to save our earth. So the basic thing of the students is to learn more about science.The science knowledge can let us know how to improve our enviroment.
Above all, I think I like to spend sometime to play piano and I also like to study more about other art. Reading some literature books is also a program in my daily time. Those are my favorate things in my leisure time. But I think not only me but also other students should spend more energy learning more science subjects.