Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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Some people think that studying subjects like science and maths is more important than studying art and literature whereas some think contraryly.Studying both has different advantages.
Studying science and maths improves people's imaginary and leads them to think more wisely.It develops thinking ability of humanbeings.It helps to learn,to know about other subjects.In otther words knowing science and maths is like knowing the earth.By studying science and maths men learn to gather informations together,to connect them with eachother,to compare them,to verify the correct ones and to reach to a conclusion.
Just like studying science and maths, studying art and literature develops the ability of thinking and imagining.It gives people a chance to improve expressing and understanding feelings,ideas,subjects etc...
By my side,as a conclusion to all I've written above,studying science and maths is more important than studying art and literature because of its advantages that help men to know about other subjects.Essentially it is a well-known fact that studying them helps people to know about art and literature,too.