Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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Science, math, art and literature are very important subjects for learning. No society, no person can live without one of it.
What do you think if you just study math and don't know anything about art? One science has important rule in the life. I don't agree with the statement in which considering to study subjects like science and math is more important than other subjects like art and literature. With science and math and something like that, the technology can be developed fast. We will solve more difficult problems. The facilities of the life will be created more and more to adopt with the requirements of people. There are a lot of reasons from which we see to study subjects like sience and math too important. However, why do you like the music? why do you want to take a trip? and so on. People want to have fresh soul, to get bright brain. They want to decorate their house then when they finish their work and return home, they get favorite food, see a beautiful picture. We can not live with digits entirely. That why we must learn some subjects like art, literature. In the life we need a lot of thing in order to become a perfect person. We want to have good condition for the life. If we want it, we can not say studying math more important than studying art.