Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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The rapid changes in our world are mainly due to the progress of science. So I think that studying science would give us an important advantage in adapting to this changes.As a doctor I notice every day the importance of being updated to the latest descoveries in the field of medicine. By doing this I prepare myself for treating patients more eficently. Science made posible all the new improvments that we currently meet in our life. Literature is more an entertainment then a vital thing to study. Imagine our world without science: there would be no cars, no computers no machines, no TV, no microwaves - I would be as if we were stuked in the first days of humanity. Now imagine us without literature: we would have nothing to read in the afternoons but we would still have the technology so we can't say that we made no progress.
I'd rather have no Shakespeare than having no cars.