Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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I belive it is more important to study subject like science than to study subjct like literature for sveral reasons.
First of all, science like applied math can be very helpfull for human.For instance, applid math can be used to make the computers
faster and easier to us. Ten years ago, scienctist came up with computer thats has more capcity for information ;also
, has faster modom than the old one by using maths in their programming.
Second of all, subject like scincs make the students smarter becaus they use thir brains to think about scincetific problems.In contrast, when studnts study subject
like art and literature they tend to memorize which may become disadvantage.For example,they may get use to
memorization and when comes to understanding probleme they will have hard time.
Third, science help studentsin their daily lives.Likewise, when students study biology thy will have basic concepts about thire body.Therefor,they will
know what casue thire body to get sick.Also, they will undrstand the way their body absorbs foods and how it reflexs thier health.
Finally,in preceding paragraphs I gave examples and explainations that show why is it more important to study subjcts like science
rather than study subject like art.