Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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As we know that science, math, art, literature, etc. are very important part of our life. We use these subjects in any part of life.Comparing these subjects is similar to compare apple and pine.
Subjects like math and science are the symbol of our real life. Wu use these subjects in most of places. For example, if we dont kmow math we can not calculate. Therefore, we have difficulty in buying somthings. On the other hand, most of scientific things depend on math. In our century, without scince we can not do anything. Computers are the most commen examples of math and scince. Because, they use high technology another mean scince and math.

Subjets like art and literature as important as subjects like math and science. I beleive that if we improve our social activities such as art and literature we could be succesful people in all fields. For examle, writing poem or singing a song could improve our brain activity.
Because, science, art, math, etc. are so important, I strongly beleive that we should give equal importance to both science and social things