Is studying science more important than studying literature?

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We learn two categories of subjects at school:
science ,for example, math ,biology,anatomy...
and the other is letter ,in which we learn subjects like language, psycology,history...
I don't know which of this categories of study is more important .
Science and math is very important because people needs to discover and explore new things to beneffit humans.
For example,in medicine because every day,hours people die of sickness ,sickness like a AID,cancer that the man don't have the solution to save their lifes.
Another example will be in technology. Computers,cars, air planes,televisions ...exists because of the advances of the man.Human made this possoble because of the study of science ,numbers ...
However,sientists not only need the knowledge of scince.
For example, arquitector who builds houses need the knowledge of numbers,math,but also art design the strucrure of their houses.
Subjects of arts and literature that provide the comunication, the history thru writting is ery important to the man to live this word and thu history people learn the experiences of the ancient people and by book we learn to understand them.
Therefor i desagree with the statement,because both are very impottand to make human progess