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Every man needs a friend, comrade, in one word a person who can understand and help to decide many difficult situations, in which every of us can appear. But it isnít the question, the question is what is better! To say the truth it is not so simple a question, because it depends of a person. For example I am a social-animal and I get depressed if I stay alone for two long, especially on weekend, but my pal is a loner, he doesnít like a noisy crowd, he prefers not to socialize, but to stay alone, read, watch TV. There are many kinds of people and sometimes it is very difficult to make friends because some people are afraid of being disappointed after having some incidents like treachery, deception. These people stop simply to believe people, they stop even to believe in friendship. For example a friend of mine was so disappointed of her close friend that she fall in despair and it was very difficult for me to return her to the normal life. We often make a mistake calling all t!
he people that we know the friends, because it isn't easy to find a person who will be your friend for ever.
I don't say that it is badly to have many different comrades, schoolfriends with whom you can spend your time, but they all can't be the close friends, as, we can tell all our problems to one person not to everybody, to get a good advice or help. I think that before to become a friend you must prove that you can be a real friend and always help to your friend out. I am always for the friendship between everybody, because it will make our world better and I advise to follow a very wise commandment: love your neighbor in the same way as you love yourself.