Is playing games important for adults?

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I do strongly support the idea that playing games is important for adults.It is useful and fun,too.It is one of the most important ways to cope with the problems of business and daily life.There are several benefits of playing games for adults.First,playing games creates leisure time that every adult must have to lessen the stress of business life.Its another benefit is that It can improve reflex,intelligence or health depending on the kind of the game ,and it also gives pleasure to the adults as well as children.
As we know today business life is a place full of stress.People generally come to their homes being tired and irritated.Therefore,every individual adult must create leisure times to forget the daily life's problems and to feel relieved.So,playing some kinds of games can help them to have free,without stress,times and to relax.Parents also,by this way,can make a better communication with their children by playing some games such as backgammon,chess, puzzles or computer games.Children gain self confidence due to this relationship with their parents,too.It certainly is a notable point of playing games referring to a family life.Consequently,playing games alone or with their families gives support adults to preserve their healths,to lessen their stresses and to deal with business problems.
With the development of technology,people,both adults and children,began to give more and more importance to computer based games.The computer based technology actually made games more interesting and more complicated than were they before.Because of their visual and sophisticated subjects,the computer based games can easily contribute to maintain an adult's reflex and intelligence thanks to their interactive skills.Moreover,brain gymnastics with these games are beneficial for adults to solve their personal problems.For example,some business men or consultants achieve much success or make better decisions after playing some computer games when tried of working.This means that computers seem to remove the idea that games are merely for kids.
Enjoyment is another factor that should be considerated while thinking of the relation between adults and games.It is certain to believe that many adults get very much pleasure from games.They gain the amusement of their previous childhood again and again while playing games with the child living in their spirits.So,if a director of a company or a president of a country is seen while he or she is playing a computer game or playing football with some kids,it should not be peculiar. Obviously,they will spend more happier time than any child will and forget every types of problems that they have during the game.
Last but not least i wish to say that playing games is important for adults as well as all human beings.It is useful,necesary,enjoyable and educational.Since life,itself,is a game in which the players are we,it is unavoidable to spend time without playing games at any age.