Is playing games important for adults?

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Many people have indulged in games and have had fun in a good game at some point in their lives. Games primarily exist to provide pleasure as a leisure activity for people of all ages. Today, it is believed that the hectic work schedule of an adult's life has prevented him from indulging in games whether indoor or outdoor. Some of the better known indoor games are board games like chess, while the more popular outdoor games include many sports like soccer, badminton, and tennis.

I feel that games play an essential role in the development of a healthy human being. An example of an indoor game which I think is excellent is chess. Chess is a game enjoyed by many adults today because of the challenge it presents one's mind in his "intelligence' to defeat his opponent. To many people, they feel that "exercising" the mind with the indulgence of the game promotes intelligence in an individual because the game triggers the mind to think and constantly questions his every risky move.

Outdoor games are at least as important in the development of a healthy body as physical activities trigger the body's metabolism to burn excess fat and calories. Studies have shown that people are not susceptible to diseases and subsequently live longer in a regular routine of daily exercise which is very often in the form of games. Popular games like tennis soccer have become many adults' favorites after a long, hard day at work.

In conclusion, there are many advantages in playing games for working adults. While many adults today are finding it difficult to include games in their leisure, it is important to realize the benefits that are accompanied by activities such as playing games. Playing games not only helps relieves stress accumulated from an individual's demanding work life but are also fun to indulge in. It fosters good social relations amongst friends and family members and thus a reason why games are indispensable and should be included in one's lifestyle.