Is playing games important for adults?

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Some people assert that playing games is important for adults. In my opinion the importance of playing games depends on the types of games considered. While some games may benefit to health, mental abilities, working capacity, or help to relax, others may harm the person playing in different ways.

I think the games that are important for adults to play include those requiring action, intensive thinking and team work. It has been medically proven that physical training is extremely important for adults. It helps not only to maintain fitness, but also enhances the capacity of thinking and working. Therefore participating in sports games, such as basketball, football, tennis and other action games is essential. Games that require intensive thinking develop logic, attention and unconventional approach.. Among this type of games are puzzles, crosswords, and strategy games. And last, but not least, games that involve team work are important to develop further communicability, ability to make correct decisions with consideration of opinions of different people and other skills, because these skills are often used in everyday situations.

Still there are other types of games that may be harmful. These are majorly computer games, which cause severe eyeain and exposure to radiation. Moreover, computer games not only harm health, but also have a negative impact on the working capacity. Many companies have stringent rules against their employees playing games during work-hours.

There is also one category of games which I believe can be both harmful and beneficial. These are games played for money. On one hand, winning such a game the player feels positive emotions, which have an overall positive influence on the players health and financial situation. On the other hand, loosing the game can drive the person playing into disappoinment and even into depression, thus harming his health, not to mention the loss of money.

Thus, in my opinion, the importance of adults playing games can be evaluated depending on the level of positive or negative influences that those game may have on the person involved.