Is playing games important for adults?

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Adults may think they are not children any more, and have to face all kinds of qroblems which can be
soluted by adults only everyday. They may think they have been old enough to deal with big things such
as finding a good job, doing a good business or making a plan to save money for a ideal house... Also
they think these things are the most important things in their lives and may spend all of their time to deal
with them. As to games, they will tell you, they are too old to play games, and it's ridiculous that adults still play
games like children.

But I think the adults still need games. When people have grown up, they get a mature body with a mature
mind. Obviously they can understand and handle many things which children cannot understand and handle.
It means that when a person grows up, he will get more abilities than a child. However, it doesn't mean that
he will lose the ability in playing games at the same time. In fact, this ability is getting better with his increasing
age. If he is interested in it, he almost can play any game.

A game can't bring you profit like other work. But when you engross with a game, you may get the fun
from it. This is salutary, because when you feel interesting and happy, your spirit is released, the pressure coming
from job, work, or any other things will get lightened. Thus will affect the efficiency of your work directly.
Because the game makes you brim with vigour again. A happy mood will make you treat everything in an
optimistic view, you may think, oh, that's no big deal.

Yes, that's no big deal. Actually, you may dicover everything in this world is a game, those big things which
can only be done by adults, are the big games only. And so-called adults, are the big children.