Is playing games important for adults?

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Playing games is an important part of human life. So many people think that games are for only children. I think not only children but also adults play games. they all like playing games.
A decade ago, when computers and computer games were not comman many playing games were for only children. Now, with the improvment of computers everbody like playing games. Of course, computer games are not only field of games. For example, playing football, monopoly etc. are the other games.
Playing games are also so important that it support brain activities of a person. As we know brain activities are too important. If play any kinds of games, our brain activities can improve. We can adopt any kind of field easly and solve so many problems easly. For example, If we know how to play chess, it can be easy to think a step ahead in our life. It means that we can predict the future activities.

On the other hand, in the history many people as well as kigs liked playing games. They played games on special days. For example, in Roman Age, when the imparior won a war, he organised games to improve the performance of solciers and people.

As a result, I strongly support that every person should play games. In my opinion, playing games is not for children. The more the playing game the less problem in our life.