Is playing games important for adults?

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Playing games is a wonderful exercise, it reminds me of my childhood. Even though I am a rather adult person now, whenever I have an opportunity, I do play games. I am not afraid to look funny, after all, it helps me to avoid stresses. Sometimes everybody may be angry, depressed, or just be in bad temper. Personally I would rather in such difficult situations go out and join in playing children. I can play hide-and-seek and build a sandy house as well as play ball and chase each other. All these kinds of amusement afford me a great pleasure. To tell the truth, almost each of us remains a child in his soul and does not want to part from childhood. Not for nothing they say, a man is as old as he feels. In my opinion, playing games is important for adults because it helps to prolong youth in their soles and makes our everyday quite a dull life a little more lively and interesting. On the other hand, it also keeps us remembering of our defenseless children, their problems, small a!
nd large. As for me, I think there is nothing more important for every person in the world than association with children that makes our thoughts and our actions nobler and not hurt not only for children but also for adults themselves.