Is playing games important for adults?

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Yes, I'm quite agree with this statement! Because adults are taking the highest pressure of peoples in all ages, the pressure may come from their jobs, their families and their children...etc, so they need leisure activities to release the pressure badly. There are many kinds of games which is prefered by peoples of different ages. Playing game is not just for kids or teen agers. For example, the computer games, nowadays, the game producer are more and more concern about making good games for adults. Though this maybe due to the reason that the adults are main consumption resources, it's a obvious evidence which showes that adults can play games and they need to play games.
Besides its functions for just fun, good games can always make people to think or learn some thing. For example, playing cards will require players having a good memory and a clear mind. In order to win, you need to remember certain sequence of cards and calculate your chance to win. So by playing cards, you also practise your memory and calculation abilities.
Therefore, playing game is also important for adults, not only to release their pressure, but also help them to develop certain abilities which will also be useful in their career.