Is playing games important for adults?

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I totally agree with the idea that playing games is very important for adults.
I consider myself a child even if I'm twentysix years old.
Playing all kind of games is important for adults for many reasons. I will highilight below some of those reasons , from my point of vew.
I play home some games hith my cat Benjy. It is very reconfortant after a long day of work. It makes me happy when I run after the cat and the cat after me , all over the house.
I play games even with my housband. He is not as childish as I am but I can make him to play with me. I am a spontanous person and sometimes I start to play with my housband on the street. I start pushing him and he starts runing after me. When he don't catch me I clap my hands and screem like I were crasy.
I like very much to play whith children. I can get inside their world ,I can understand their fealings and I feal like I am again a child when I play games with them. For those reasons children love me very much even at first sight.
I like to play games with dogs too. When I see their happy faces I feel happy my self.
I belive that playing games make adults be better happier , more loved and more understundeble.