Is playing games important for adults?

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Now a days people are facing a lot of health problems. This is most oftenly found among the adults aged above
23 to 40. This is because of lack of physical excersice as the improvement of technology has acqired most of
the laborious works from our work place. As a result most of the people dont have enough physical movement as
they for a healthy life style.

one of the way to overcome this limitation is to do regular exercise of body. But for a working people it is difficult
to chose which excercise he needs for a complete health life style. As different tradtional excercises are meant for
different organs of body. But the right way to over come this is to play games like football,hockey etc. Basically
these games cause movement of every parts of a body and thus keeps a balance of different requirements.More over
playing games causes sweating which is very necessary for the biological balnce of the body.By this way people can
avioid very common diseases like heart-attck, diabetics etc.

so It can be concluded that playing games is important for human beings more specially for adults not only to maintain
a healthy life style but also for biological balance.