What would you do if you had some free land?

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Having some free land has always been a deep wish of mine. When I was a child my family and I often went to the country on weekends, because one of Dad's brothers owned a piece of land non too far from the city where we lived.
I enjoyed myself riding horses, playing with cats and dogs, picking up eggs from hens, looking at rabbits, watching birds, "driving" tractors and so on.
Since then, I have been dreaming to have some free land of my own property, in order to do what I most like without annoying any neighbours.
First of all I would fill it with trees, flowers and grass, because I love to stay outside and have walks under the trees' shadow.
Secondly, I would buy some German Sheepdogs. Actually I'm very fond of this race of dogs and I wish to grow up some exemplars and win premiums at dog competitions. Dogs are the real passion of my life. I love to stay with dogs and speak to them and teach them some basic things.
Finally, in order to stay there always, I would build a small country house, made of stone and wood but with all comforts and a swimming pool to bathe in when it's very hot.
Probably it's a dream, but don't say it's impossible to accomplish. In fact, I would only need to work in some place neither too near, not too far from the country. There I could find some free land and do what I've just said.
So I would realize the child's atmosphere that I can only remember now and that is so distensive when just thinking of it.