What would you do if you had some free land?

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If I have received some land for free. I will do two things with it. First, I will use part of it to build a small park for all the people who live nearby to enjoy their free time. Our country has a very big population, especially in cities, you can find everywhere buildings , but very hard to have a good place to enjoy yourself after work. With this small park, people can spend their leisure time after dinner with their families, enjoy the moonlight or take their children to play kites during weekend. The second thing I will do is to build a enviromental protection museum. The enviromental situation in the world is getting worse and worse. For example, during last week, we encountered sandy wind for twice. With this museum, I will use photos and videos to let people realize that the enviroment should be protected, and it is the resposibility of everybody. I think that with these two facilities, people can enjoy themselves and at the same time learn by themselves to protect the enviroment.I will be very happy if that can be realized.