What would you do if you had some free land?

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Lands are very necessary for living human, where eaches people need it for such as; growing house up,
taking care of the lifestock, etc. However, I thought that land is primary in my life and also has been needed for our life once upon a time.
In my country with most increasing of people population caused sold cost of land very expensive, not every body could be held some land. Many people are rent only to make house temporary and not forever.If they will have some land, so they must be spend a lot of money to taking it.
Therefore, if I have receive some land for free I have to make its usefull in order to advantage for both my life and family as well as for wide people. I will divide to many parts i.e., make a family house, plants area, lifestock, and a little part for people together. I don not have plan to sell my land free because money from seld temporary only.
My parents said that anything matter which have been holding don't sell, it a sin. Even you must to add what you have and with manner above I am going to succes in my life. Little by little and by the end you can help the other people and to show them that you beginning all with carefully.And also you will becoming an example for them, nice example. As well as my parents said I must remember all of his advices, so that you will not getting wrong direction as long as life.