What would you do if you had some free land?

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If I'd receive a nice gift like some land I'd be very very happy. That is because my dream is to built a very special
touristic Hotel in a very special place.I will sopouse that the land I received is in a fine place where there are
mountaines and a beautiful lake.
My Hotel will be not a big one but a very original one. It will have five flours with as much as fifty rooms.The land
near the Hotel will be full with flowers and trees. The flowers will have houndreds of colours and more red.
The Hotel will be for the people like me , hwo likes to climbe mountaines as much as to swim in a cold mountaine
The tourists that will come in my very special place sould be a little crasy like me. They should love flowers
because I'll have them to weat the flowers and take care of them. I'll have on my land a lot of red roses.I forgot to
tell you that my hotel's name will be " Red Roses Hotel ".
My stuff will be a little crasy too. They will be dreesed with crasy clothes like hippi pans with red roseson them.
The girls will have red roses in there haire. They will smile all the time not because I say so , but because they will
be very pleased with their jobs.
The chidren that will com in my very special place will have a special play land. They will have a lot of space to play
not like ourdays children who don't have to much space to run. They will have roses too in their garden.
So, with the land that I'd receive I'd do a 'roses land'. It will be a land for people like me hwo likes roses ,who loves
children , hwo do crasy things ; hwo is a little crasy.