What would you do if you had some free land?

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land is the mother of everything on earth.infact earth is itself land.i was lucky to get about 5 acres of land for free.i used to dream of building several things but now my dream can be realised and i've to think deeply and sensibly over the subject..
due to the blasting population growth and hence increase in poverty,i plan to open a primary school which'll impart free education to the children of the downtrodden and the overlooked mass of the society.for the purpose i'll be needing sponsorors and financers.if i'm able to get a financer i'll make a school.
if i'm unable to get a financer,i'll open a dairy farm by purchasin 2 cows and 2 buffaloes which i know i can affford.i'll distribute milk and it's byproducts for free to poor children and give them for use on the ploughs on rent to bare their maintainance.
i'll certainly choose to do both opf the abovesaid but due to lack of resources i'll do whatever i can afford to do to benefit a handfull of my countrymates.