What would you do if you had some free land?

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If I had some land for free, I'd like to make a golf course. In this place, I could play golf with my friends, for free and forever...
The course must have three holes, at least: a short, a medium and a long. In the short hole -par three and around 170 yards- anyboby can win a good souvenir if makes a "hole in one" (the ball inside the hole with just one stroke). The medium, par 4 and around 400 yards, must have a "dog leg", left or right, between trees (old oaks better. The long hole, must have 500 yards or more, with cross bunkers (sand traps), in the field and around the greens. By the way, no water tramps: I hate it, (in golf courses of course).
So, I hope Santa could remember me next Christmas and bring me some land...