What would you do if you had some free land?

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During the history the land always was disputabel between the countries,
beetwen the peasanst, beetwen the farmers and e.tc. Today land is
most profotible property . I live in georgia, Georgia is greece word and mean Land worker men.
In the Georgian history land playd significant roul for economic and political
development. after break of SU Georgian citisens and also foregners have posibility to buy and sail land.
If I reaceved land I would be very thanksfull,
I prefere the land in the vilagge particularly in Georgia
in Kakhetian regian becouse there are posibility to plant many kinds of grapes plantation,and
make good bussiness, I will make for bussiness plan
to attract investors for constructing based on international standards wine factory, and solve
the problem uneploimentin the Kakhetian region.